London crossbow attacker had been reported for stalking

January 31, 2024

A man shot dead by police in south London as he obliged his course into an improvement with a munitions store of weapons had been tended to following.

The 30-year-old individual, who was outfitted with crossbows, an edge, an edge, and a hatchet, probably has been Bryce Hodgson. It is perceived there was a denying mentioning against him standing out from the following cases.

Police were called to the area in Bywater Spot, Surrey Quays, in practically no time before 5 am on Tuesday. Unarmed experts who attempted to address him anyway were compromised, and when prepared police showed up he had entered the turn of events and was shot.

The man, who was wearing body monitored layer, was given crisis treatment anyway kicked the holder at the scene.

Specialists from the Free Office for Police Direct (IPOC) watch canine went to the scene.

The dead man was known to some place near one of the occupants of the area, the guardian canine said. It in like manner said police body-worn film confirmed he was attempting to think about at the property.

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