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Canadian federal police officer charged with passing information to a ‘foreign entity’

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A person from the Noticed Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) has been gotten and blamed for getting to police records and passing information to the Rwandan government.

The public power police force said on Tuesday that its organized public security underwriting pack (Inset) had gotten Constable Eli Ndatuje, who was organized in Alberta.

Ndatuje has been blamed for break of trust, unapproved usage of a PC, and break of trust concerning guarded information, an alleged encroachment of the country’s Security of Information Act.

He ought to appear in a Calgary court on 11 Walk. He has been given regardless and has been referred to surrender his indisputable confirmation, stay inside the area, and report for fingerprinting.
As shown by court records, Ndatuje stands faulted for passing safeguarded information on the Canadian Police Server farm (CPIC) development to another part, the Republic of Rwanda.

Ndatuje was brought into the world in Uganda anyway is of Rwandan dive. He moved to Canada when he was 14 years old.

The RCMP said after it learned of the alleged security break, it set up measures to screen and foil further unapproved openings of information.

The RCMP depends on doing battling new performer block at all levels and is truly using all contraptions accessible to it, it said in the news release. New impedance takes on many plans and all affiliations truly ought to be aware of the conceivable naughtiness at any level.

Ndatuje is the third person from the RCMP to have been truly charged under the Security of Information Act. Last week, a past top Canadian police information official, Cameron Ortis, was sentenced to 14 years in jail for conveying bound information.

Over the pre-summer, police in like manner energized the gave RCMP master William Majcher with two counts under the Security of Information Act, communicating he involved his knowledge and his wide relationship of contacts in Canada to get information or relationship to help with people’s Republic of China. He has been surrendered bail and has not formally entered a solicitation.

Canada is amid retaliation over the degree and effect of new countries in its affiliation foundations. Throughout the scope of the last year, spilled information reports propose China has endeavored to interfere with Canada’s choices.

In September, the top state pioneer, Justin Trudeau, said veritable charges were conveying India to the demise of a political lobbyist in Canada.

An independent commission is exploring confirmed new obstacles in Canadian endeavors.

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